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October 21, 2009
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Alternate German flags by fabrondi Alternate German flags by fabrondi
Flags of Germany in an alternate timeline where Frankfurt Parliament succeeds and Grossdeutschland Federation is formed.

The new state chooses to use the Jenaer Students League's flag (which was the first flag to use german liberal colours) as its national flag and coat of arms (Gules, a fess Sable, an oak branch Or).
The eagle stays two-headed ofcourse, as a reference to the HRE, or the dualism Austria-Prussia, catholic-protestant, etc.

The text in German says (thanks Sapiento) that the first row of naval flags is used in inner waters, while the second row is used in open sea.
The three flags in the last row are the flags of the President of the Republic, the President of Bundestag and the Chancellor.
(I don't have idea how Grossdeutschland could evolve into a federal Republic, but well...)

Comments and critiques are welcome!
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konstantinpalailogos Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice; although, the variations of the naval jacks, what do they represent?
The first row of naval flags is used in inner waters, while the second row is used in open sea.
Just because I like the idea of the swallow-tail :)
Great idea.
As for how...
There would certainly be breaking up of Prussia, possibly Austria, maybe even Bavaria (Franconian and Palatinate separatism).
awesome work here! :)
The flags are really awesomely made!

But I think also when it´s democratic, they would it call Reich and not Republik, because they wanted to restore the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation.

The Weimar Republic was also called Deutsches Reich, German Empire ;)
But I´m not sure if it would be Bundeskanzler or Reichskanzler then, depends on if the new united Germany is an united centralistic nation (Frankfurt as capital) or a federation.
These flags are marvellous, excellent work!

Are the third flags in row 2 and 3 references to the coat of arms of the Teutonic Order by any chance? The inner cross kind of reminds me of it, anyway.
Yes indeed the reference is the teutonic CoA, I think it gives to the flag a more aggressive touch :P
Looks really nice. I've always liked the idea of a Nordic Cross flag for Germany (at least if the north is dominant), since it has pretty close historical ties to Scandinavia, what with the Hanseatic League and all that.

Could thou just explain to me the symbolism of the oak twig and acorn? I find it pretty interesting, especially since the oak's also the symbol of province where I live. ^^
What I surely know is, that the oak was the holy tree of the Germanics and is said to be the typical german tree, because it´s strong and can become very old.
Since the 19th century oak-leafes are used as military decorations in the german army.

I´m sure the Jenaer studen´ts league (Burschenschaft) used it because of that, as a symbol of the old germanic ancestors.
I don't know the meaning of the oak branch. I've choosen it because it was the symbol of the Jenaer Burschenschaft (Student's League)

From the site Flags of the World:
"During the 1813 war against Napoleon there was a free corps called Lützowsche Jäger (Lützow's Rifles), soldiers - especially students - which became pioneers of the national movement. They wore black tunics with red facings. From these colours the first flag of the student movement Jenaer Burschenschaft after the war was inspired: Gules, a fess Sable, an oak branch Or i.e. red with a black stripe and a yellow oak branch. However black-red-gold would not only stay as colours of a student movement, they were to become the German national colours.
Source: Hattenhauer 1984".
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